Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EB-5 Regional Center?

  • An EB-5 Regional Center is a private enterprise or a regional governmental agency, approved by USCIS and authorized under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, that engages in a targeted investment program within a defined geographic region
  • A Regional Center may be as small as a few blocks of a city or as large as an entire state, or portions of more than one state


What is the Colorado Regional Center and what areas does it make up?

  • The Colorado Regional Center is an approved EB-5 Regional Center, authorized by USCIS to operate anywhere within the State of Colorado
  • The Colorado Regional Center is the only Regional Center that is approved for all of Colorado and as such may invest in projects wherever located throughout the entire state


In what projects will CRC invest?

  • The Colorado Regional Center has been approved for a wide variety of projects including hotels, restaurants, retail developments, condominium developments, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, medical facilities, and other similar types of commercial development
  • CRC intends to invest in large-scale projects that are expected to create a total of at least 200 direct and indirect new full-time American jobs


What are the benefits of investing in CRC?

  • Opportunity to invest in Colorado, a dynamic and growing environment with one of the strongest economies in the US
  • Minimum investment of $500,000
  • CRC’s management is an experienced investment team with significant history of successful large-scale financing transactions
  • Safe, secure escrow arrangement with Citibank, so that if your I- 526 is not approved, you will receive a return of the $500,000 deposit


What are the benefits of the EB-5 program?

  • No minimum age, experience, education, or requirement that the applicant speaks English
  • May live, work, and retire anywhere in the US
  • Admission to US Universities at resident cost
  • Investor, spouse, and unmarried minor children granted US lawful residency
  • Investor not required to manage the day to day activities of investments
  • After 5 years, investor and family may obtain US citizenship, if all immigration requirements under law are met


Is the EB-5 program suitable for me?

  • Gives you the flexibility to make a passive investment without the responsibilities of day-to-day management of your investment
  • Gives you and your family the opportunity for employment in the US


What are the benefits of having a green card?

  • Enjoy similar benefits as other US residents
  • Family members with green cards are free to enter the US at any time with unlimited stay
  • Investor access to US for personal, trade, and business purposes
  • Investors may live, work, or own business anywhere in the US
  • Ability to travel outside the US and return without special visa
  • Lower tuition costs as US resident
  • Lower cost of living (compared to many other countries)
  • Access to public schools, health and medical attention, social security, and education
  • Immediate family members can apply and become US citizens after 5 years
  • Requires no renewal or re-application


What family members, besides me, qualify for a green card?

  • Husband, wife, dependent, unmarried children under the age of 21


What is a "conditional" green card?

  • After approval, investor receives “conditional” green card
  • Must be reissued after 2 years


What conditions must be obtained to receive my final green card?

  • Job creation requirements of the project must be met
  • Compliance with all US laws and regulations relating to residency during the two years


How long will my green card be valid?

  • Conditional green cards are valid for 2 years
  • Must apply for removal of conditional within 90 days of expiration
  • Receive unconditional green card, valid for 10 years
  • Must apply for new card (do not stop being permanent resident) every 10 years


How long must I reside in the United States?

  • Must enter US within 180 days of issuance of visa from overseas consular office
  • Must establish residency
    • Open bank accounts
    • Obtain driver’s license
    • Social security number
    • Pay taxes
    • Rent or own a home
    • Reside in US for at least 180 days each year (until citizenship obtained)


What is an “escrow account” and how is it beneficial to me?

  • Escrow account: legal, interest-bearing account established in a registered bank to hold the initial deposit in the trust until the completion of visa processing
  • The funds are only released from the account when the petition is approved by the USCIS


What are the conditions of how I have obtained my investment money?

  • Must be gained by lawful manner
  • Business, salary, investments, property sales, inheritance, gift, loan, etc


What are the risks involved?

  • Risks vary for each limited partnership
  • General risks: unable to meet job requirements and denied immigration status, investment risks (economic state, etc.)


What is the time estimate for the process?

  • USCIS currently estimates approximately 3-5 months for approval of individual I-526 applications


What are the first steps I need to take?

  • Review offering materials for the project
  • Consult with a qualified immigration attorney
  • Follow the subscription procedures for the project (including executing all offering documents). Transfer funds to the escrow account per the offering documents, prepare and file Form I-526


How do I apply?