CRC Investment Process Chart

CRC Investment Process
  • The investor contacts the Colorado Regional Center through the website and is assigned a username and password
  • The investor logs on using the password and provides certain information to the Colorado Regional Center
  • The investor receives a Confidential Offering Memorandum, which details the investment project, from Colorado Regional Center
  • If after review of all relevant information and consultation with the investor’s advisors, the investor desires to proceed with an investment in the proposed project, he or she signs the Subscription Agreement and other documents and Colorado Regional Center reviews the investor’s financial and background information. 
  • The investor makes a deposit of $500,000 (or in some cases, $1,000,000), plus an administrative fee of $50,000, for a total investment of $550,000
  • The I-526 will be filed by the investor’s attorney with USCIS
  • Upon I-526 approval, the funds in the escrow account will be released and invested in the project. If the I-526 Petition is denied, the deposit (less the Administrative Fee) is immediately returned to the investor from the escrow account
  • If the I-526 Petition is approved, the investor will be given a U.S. Consular Interview in his or her home country
  • The investor and family members can then enter the United States under a conditional green card. If the investor currently resides in the U.S., he or she will receive an adjustment of status
  • The conditional green card gives the investor and family members the ability to live freely in the United States with no travel or work restrictions
  • An I-829 Petition is filed approximately two years later by the investor’s attorney in order to make the green card unconditional, or permanent, based upon approval
  • The investor and family members may apply for United States citizenship following five years of maintaining full investment in the Colorado Regional Center project
CRC Investment Process Chart

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