It was in London where Ingrida Padleckyte first heard of a “posh joint.”

“It’s a place where you go that has excellent service, excellent food, excellent eventing — that’s a posh joint,” said Padleckyte on Friday morning at her new restaurant in Vail Village.

Padleckyte and her husband Vladan “Dan” Vujadinovic, along with business partner Lauren Smith, have just opened Posh Joint in Solaris Plaza, Unit 211 on 141 East Meadow Drive.

Most recently, Smith has been running her business Mountain Cupcakes out of the space, but after meeting Padleckyte and Vujadinovic they all partnered to introduce a new concept.

The restaurant draws inspiration from the previous restaurant ventures of Vujadinovic and Padleckyte in Chicago and Europe. Vujadinovic used to own an Italian restaurant in Europe, and the couple still owns two creperies in Chicago.

“We brought the concept from our own experience in Chicago and from Europe,” Vujadinovic said. “We have crepes, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and entrees like pork shank, risotto and octopus. This restaurant has a little something for everybody.”

Smith said Vujadinovic and Padleckyte’s passion for food really comes through.

“There is not a restaurant in town where you can come in and get this kind of European flavor,” she said.

Breakfast begins daily at 7:30 a.m. Choose from sweet or savory crepes. The Cora combines a luscious coconut spread with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries and Nutella La Land features a delightful combination of Nutella, strawberries and banana. For the savory craving, Baltic Sea showcases one of the ingredients Vujadinovic and Padleckyte and most excited about: Lithuanian smoked salmon.

“I grew up on the Baltic Sea,” Padleckyte said. “For us, our salmon is what we grew up on. This is something very delicate that we import from Lithuania.”

That crepe is complete with sour cream, cucumber, tomato, olives, capers, spinach and Green Goddess dressing.


Breakfast sandwiches and omelets are also available, many of which carry European inspiration with ingredients such as salami meat and Gouda cheese.

“Our passion for food, our passion for our culture and the flavor of the food makes the restaurant stand out,” Padleckyte said. “All the things that we grew up with back home are what we want to bring here and share.”

Lunch and dinner items include appetizers of meat and cheese, eastern Euro bruschetta and Russian caviar. Risottos varieties and entrees of octopus, short ribs and pork shank are heartier offerings.

“The pork shank is served with kaymak,” Vujadinovic said. “It’s a traditional European milk product. We put a scoop of that on our pork shank, and when it melts it creates a totally different texture in the dish.”

The pasta and pizza dishes are from Vujadinovic’s Italian restaurant recipes.

“The only thing that I can say is the food quality is amazing,” he said, “and if you want to just come in for a drink you are more than welcome.”

And for those who still want the delicious baked goods that put Smith and Mountain Cupcakes on the map, call 970-306-6422 to put in a special order.

Stop in to Posh Joint for a coffee, glass of wine or a full meal.

Reservations can be made by calling 970-471-9496.

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